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Scratch/Bumper Repair

At Tidalwave USA Inc we want you to know that getting a new paint job is not the only option.  In fact as far as we are concerned its the last option.  Typical body shops only know one way to fix your paint. That is use MORE PAINT!  

    When a vehicle is repainted you are not only out the expense of the new paint job but also the value your vehicle.  The value  suffers as because it no longer has  "Factory" or "Original"  paint.  Come let us give you both sides of the story.  Should your vehicle be beyond our paintless repair techniques we offer extremely competitive body shop rates to soften the blow of that out of pocket repair.
There are lots of things that cause paint damage to our vehicles.  

    -Accidental or intentional contact with over hanging tree limbs.

    -Accidental contact with other vehicles or objects like garage doors or that "safe distance pole" at you favorite fast food joint.

    -Tunnel Washes using high speed beater brushes to clean your vehicle.         

 *Bonus info-In case you did not know these washes are referred to within the Car Wash Industry as "Friction Washes."  Yes they are called friction washes for a reason

    -Or just maybe your vehicle is not lucky enough to have a roof over its head day in and day out.  Just like humans over exposure to sun can cause damage to your vehicle as well.  If your vehicle has become hazy, chalky, or just doesn't shine then your vehicle is oxidized and this same method for scratch removal will also help.